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A stunning one page website with 7 smooth flowing sections displaying all aspects of your business.

Uno is the perfect site for a small business as you can add sections if you’ve got more to say, or you can convert to Multi by adding additional pages and a more traditional layout.

Find out more about Uno, what makes it so special, and view our demo site.


Multi is simply a multi-page website, similar to the format you are probably familiar with.

You can start with as few as 2 pages and take it wherever you want it to go. As with Uno, everything is modular and can be adapted to reflect the changes in your business.

Blog / Newsletter

Add a Blog / Newsletter to your site and start to be interactive with your visitors.

If you want to share news, add articles, or talk about your experiences, a Blog page is the place to do it. Posts with well structured content are often picked up by the search engines and can improve your overall rankings. Search engines like good blog posts because it shows you are communicating to your visitors and adding value to their experience on the Net.

We can also link your posts direct to your social media, which means you only post once and maximise the benefits!

eCommerce Store

Add an eCommerce store and sell directly from your site.

We can install a store on your Uno or Multi site, integrate it to the main menu and create links throughout the site to maximise your traffic. Adding a Best Sellers panel to your home page is also a great way to draw people in.

If you add a post to your Blog (see above), you can publicise your opening and offers throughout social media!

Social Media

Do you have a Social Media presence?

Your website remains the ‘hub’ for all your online activity, but the support of Social Media pages definitely ramps up your marketing and gives you the opportunity to advertise relatively cheaply.

Which Social Media you use depends on your business and what you want to achieve. We can advise you and set up and design your landing page to compliment your website – good for recognition!

We also design infographics associated to your posts and specific for Pinterest.

Graphic Design for Print

Our graphic design skills also extends to printed items, from business cards to stationery, banners and posters.

We offer graphic design at very low prices, but only for our website clients. The reason we are able to offer such low prices is because we already know about our clients through the information we obtained for the website. This saves us a lot of time and for the same reason, we are confident that we would arrive at a suitable design quickly for you.