Multi Explained

Expandable to any level

If you choose Multi, you will get a website that can grow and change with your business. The modular layout allows us to add, take away, or adjust your site for any eventuality.

Also, a great advantage of Multi is that the pricing is modular too! So, you pay exactly for what you need, and at prices unmatchable elsewhere!

Natural Flow

With Multi, you not only get a beautifull looking website, but one that has been cafefully thought through to achieve your online objective(s).

With the use of graphics, layout and text, our aim is to convince the visitor that yours is the product or service they should be buying. and lead them to take some action.

See how we would plan your website…


We have a huge number of functions on hand, so we can set up your site with sophistication well beyond what you would expect at these low prices.

Here are just a few…but there are many more.

store function

events calendar

multiple types of image viewing

pop-up screens

any type of forms

sign up boards


inset videos & video backgrounds

patterned backgrounds (including your own logo)

social media integration


Every website needs to be flexible to respond to changes in your industry and within your business. Many website owners are restricted from making changes because they lack the skills to make them, don’t have the time, or the high cost of constant maintenance is a barrier.
With Multi (and Uno), you don’t have to worry. Part of our service is to make unlimited reasonable changes to your existing site structure and, if you need an extra page to accommodate the change, our prices are low enough for it not to be an issue.

Just do it

We have crammed the Multi package with just about anything you could possibly want from a website.

We have priced it at a level which is astonishing, and unmatchable.

And to cap it all off, there are no contracts or sneaky little add-ons.

So you should…just do it!

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